Education For Meaning in a Culture of Consumption


We often forget that our educational efforts are always tied to a larger context. (Of course, with all of the political interest in education these days, it is much more difficult to forget that we are swimming in the waves of a corporate model of education.) What is “public” and the goals of and for the “public” are always up for dispute. With this said, it is blatantly obvious to me that the corporate reform movement’s effects are to cannibalize children for the sake of profit. The public is shifting to the private, simply, it seems, because more money is to be made there. As Michael Higgins argues, the economic unmoored from its social context is running rampant and quickly undermining the historical understanding of the common good.

Here is Gerald Coles on the subject.

“That economic system, one that pervades every aspect of American culture including our foundational democratic…

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