Why the Education System Needs Reinventing, Not Reforming

I love this article, An A+ Student Regrets HIs Grades. It reveals a student waking up, though a bit late, to the damage that can be done through striving for success in our achievement oriented high schools. The author writes about beginning to recognize the difference between “success” and learning. As he puts it, “We sacrifice learning for schooling.” And this is done at the expense of intrinsic drives and creativity.

More from the article:

“The purpose and meaning of education is widely misunderstood and wrongly presented.

This is why the education system needs ‘reinventing, not reforming,’ according to Harvard Innovation Education Fellow Tony Wagner. We’re creating a culture- reinforced by society and habitually drilled into students from an early age and well into their teens- that revolves around textbooks, lectures, GPAs and exams, where failing or not doing well are either unacceptable or wrongly considered a sign of weakness or a lack of intellect.”

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